Dixie Springs ACC 2024 Election

Election Process

Feb 12, 2024

Last date to submit a nomination. All nominees will submit the answers to the questions using email. The email must be received by Feb 12, 2024. See the section on "Nominees" for more information.

Feb 26, 2024

Last day to receive absentee ballots. See the section on "Absentee Ballots" for information about how to submit an absentee ballot.

Feb 27, 2024, 4 pm to 7 pm

In person election in Room 102 in the Hurricane Community Building. You must bring ID that matches the name of the person on the County records for the lot. If the lot is in the name of a corporation or trust, or a different name, you must bring documentation that shows you have the authority to vote for that lot.

Once you have been validated, you will be given a ballot to fill out and submit. The ballot will not have any identifying information so that voting is anonymous.

At 7 pm, the door to the room will close and the volunteers will count the votes. Volunteers, current board members and candidates can remain in the room to watch the vote counting.

Absentee Ballots

If you cannot attend the in-person voting session on Feb 27, 2024, you can request an absentee ballot

To request an absentee ballot, email the ACC with your name and lot number(s) at acc@dixiespringsacc.org.

The ACC will email the forms you need to fill out and the process for mailing the information back to the ACC so that the vote is anonymous. The forms will be emailed after the nominations have been received.

Because the integrity of your vote is of utmost importance, you will need to get your signature notarized. If the lot is in the name of a corporation or trust, or a different name, you must provide documentation that shows you have the authority to vote for that lot.

The absentee ballot must be received no later than Feb 26, 2023.

Ballot Counting Process

To vote in person, you will bring your ID and any necessary documentation to room 102. There will be community volunteers there that will verify that you are able to sign for one or more lots. You will be given a ballot. You vote and put the ballot into a ballot box. There will no identifying information on the ballots.

If you are voting absentee, you will be emailed instructions, the form to have notarized, and the ballot. The instructions will tell you to put the ballot into a plain sealed envelope. The ballot with the envelope is placed into an outer envelope with the form, supporting documentation, and the ballot in the plain envelope. The mailed ballots will be opened by the volunteers on the day of the election. The volunteers will open the envelope, verify that the person is able to sign for one or more lots, and place the unopened ballot in the plain envelope into the ballot box.

After the voting is completed, the community volunteers will open the ballots and count them. Two groups will independently count and the counts will need to be the same before the final county is recorded.

Volunteers, current board members and candidates can remain in the room to watch the vote counting.

David Himle

I was and raised in North Dakota and worked since childhood for my father in his Heating, Plumbing & Excavating Co. I moved to California in 1986, where I worked construction until I retired in 2022. My wife and I purchased our home in Dixie Springs in 2019. Being a superintendent for many years, I dealt with cities, counties and districts with construction specifications. I made sure the projects were done on time and in a professional manner.

People should vote for me because I am willing to listen to all sides.

I want to run for the board because I want to be invested in our community and don’t want to see our property values drop. I am willing to work on resolving difficulties and would like to see peace and harmony in the neighborhood.

My experience in the building trade qualifies me to understand the issues we are facing as a community, and I can evaluate building plans and home modifications.

During my time on the board, I want to bring unity to our community!

I can do what is defined in the CC&Rs and enforce the CC&Rs in accordance with the CC&Rs. My experience in dealing with cities, counties and districts has shown me how to follow and enforce rules and regulations.

Sheila Buchei

What is your background applicable experience?
1. Leadership & Management Skills: My 30 years of service with the West Valley City Police Department, as a civilian employee overseeing the Evidence, Records, and IT Departments, demonstrates my strong leadership and management capabilities. I have experience in decision-making, strategic planning, and effective operational efficiency, which are valuable skills for serving on a committee responsible for architectural oversight.
2. Community Engagement and Advocacy: My involvement as a Victim’s Advocate at the South Jordan Police Department and my volunteer work on the Board of Directors at my local community association, prior to relocating to Hurricane, demonstrate my commitment to serving in my community and advocating for its members. This experience is invaluable where understanding the needs and concerns of homeowners regarding the daunting tasks of the committee.
3. Communication and Conflict Resolution: Working with diverse homeowners, including young children, victims of crime, fellow volunteers, and community members, hones my communication and conflict resolution skills. These skills are essential for collaborating with other board members, addressing concerns of the homeowners, and facilitating productive discussions around architectural decisions.
4. Experience with Regulatory Process: My law enforcement background exposed me to regulatory processes and legal frameworks relevant to community governance. This background provides valuable insights into navigating regulatory requirements that architectural decisions align with legal guidelines. Overall, my extensive experience working with the public, managing complex systems, and engaging with the community organizations equips me with a diverse skill set that can contribute significantly to the architectural control committee’s objectives.

Why should people vote for you?
I am committed to bridging the gap between DSACC and the homeowners in our community. Currently, there is a significant lack of representation, and I believe it’s crucial to address this issue to foster unity and progress within our neighborhood.
I am currently serving as a member of the Hurricane City Beautification Committee, where I’ve built a strong rapport with city officials and gained valuable insights into community development and enhancement. My dedication to serving our community is evident through my involvement with Dixie Springs Helping Hands, where I actively support and assist my neighbors in various capacities and my background in law enforcement has equipped me with the skills necessary to navigate complex issues to find solutions that are beneficial in most situations.
I understand the importance of collaboration and communication in achieving our shared goals. A vote for me is a vote for effective representation, proactive leadership, and a commitment to building a unified and thriving community. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and ensure that our voices are heard and respected.

Why do you want to run for the ACC board?
I am motivated to run because I am deeply passionate about leveraging my extensive experience and knowledge to address critical issues within our community. Having spent three decades in law enforcement, particularly in roles where I managed policies, procedures, and budgets, I bring a wealth of expertise in navigating complex regulatory frameworks and implementing effective governance and structure.

What can you bring to the board?
My tenure at WVCPD equipped me with invaluable skills in managing multi-million dollar budgets, developing reporting writing systems, evaluating software options, and providing comprehensive training to both officers and civilian personnel. This background has instilled in me a meticulous attention to detail, a commitment to upholding standards of excellence, and a keen ability to identify and address systemic challenges.

What do you want to accomplish during your time on the board?
One of the pressing issues facing our community is the inadequacies of the current CC&Rs. As someone who has experience in reading and interpreting laws, I recognize the shortcomings of our poorly written CC&Rs and the need for comprehensive updates to ensure clarity, fairness, and compliance. I am determined to be a catalyst for change and drive the necessary reforms to modernize our community’s governing documents.
Running as a nominee for the ACC presents an opportunity for me to channel my passion for problem-solving, my dedication to community service, and my commitment to fostering positive change. I am eager to collaborate with the ACC, engage with homeowners, and work tirelessly to create a more transparent, equitable, and vibrant community for everyone.

Will you be able to do what is defined in the CC&Rs? Will you enforce the CC&Rs in accordance with the CC&Rs?
I do recognize the importance of adhering to the CC&Rs while also acknowledging the challenges posed by their outdated and in some cases, unlawful provisions. While I am committed to upholding the principles outlined in the CC&Rs to the best of my ability, I must also acknowledge the necessity of addressing and rectifying any inconsistencies or deficiencies within these governing documents.
It is evident that our community’s CC&Rs, originally created 16 years ago, may no longer fully align with current legal standards or the evolving needs of our owners. As a member of DSACC, I commit to review and update these documents to ensure their compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as their relevance to the present- day context of our community.
In the interim, I will approach the implementation with a balanced perspective, taking into account the practical realities of our community while also respecting the intent of the existing guidelines. My aim is to administer the CC&Rs judiciously, prioritizing actions that promote the well-being and cohesion of our neighborhood while being mindful of any legal limitation or inconsistencies.
Furthermore, I am committed to fostering open communication with homeowners and look forward to soliciting their input, ideas and suggestions. By engaging in transparent dialogue and collaborative decision-making, we can work together to create a set of guidelines that reflect the collective values and aspirations of our community. This is the solution that will most help our community come together – to find the peace we are seeking at this critical time.
In summary, while I acknowledge the challenges posed by outdated and unlawful CC&Rs, I am dedicated to upholding the principles they embody while actively working towards their revision and improvement in collaborations with DSACC, Homeowners, and legal experts.
I commit to administer the CC&Rs in the best way possible and in accordance with the manner in which they are currently written.

Kelly Murie

My background includes 30+ years owning and operating real estate oriented business. These include owning real estate Brokerages, Real Estate Appraisal businesses and as a portfolio analyst for major financial institutions such as FNMA, FHA, FHLMC and Solomon Brothers as well as many federally chartered banks and loan originating entities. I developed Red Stone Springs in Hurricane and have lived where Red Stone Springs is since before Dixie Springs was developed. Also, I was the original president of the ACC but resigned because it was so poorly organized and the developer, Clarence Jolley, was not willing to make the necessary changes.

People should only vote for me if they think I will represent the voice of the people.

The reason I want to run for the ACC board is to try to foster a spirit of community. I do not want the position but I’m running because I do not agree with much of what the ACC does and want to contribute to a better course for the ACC and to hopefully see it ultimately dissolved because it was never established on a good foundation. I believe that the Hurricane City zoning ordinance is adequate for the management of the Dixie Springs area just as it is for the rest of the city.

I will conform with all legal responsibilities but will also work towards legally correcting what I consider to be wrong. I encourage all voters to not cast your vote for me if you like how the ACC is currently operating. I truly hope that someone else, who has my views, will win instead of me. This is a most unfortunate set of circumstances that have brought us to what we now face as a community, as a state and as a nation. I sincerely pray for Gods hand to sustain us as we individually do what we can to restore peace, equity and good will towards one another.

Dana Meier

What is your background and applicable experience?
I’m a retired structural engineer that worked both in the private sector and the public sector. About half of my career was with the Utah Department of Transportation in various leadership and project delivery roles. In the private sector I owned and operated an Engineering firm located in Southern Utah. After selling my business, I also worked as the Area Manager for a large international engineering firm. My responsibilities included managing the engineering office of about 120 people for large transportation projects in Utah, Idaho and Montana.
During my professional career I also served on the Cross Hollow Hills Water Users Association in various leadership roles for 10 years. The Cross Hollow Hills Water Users Association was responsible for the operation of the water system used by the residents of Cross Hollow Hills. Like the DSACC we were not an HOA but we did have the responsibility of enforcing the CC&R’s for that community.

Why should people vote for you?
I have experience enforcing CC&Rs in a community that has many similarities to the Dixie Springs ACC.
In both my professional career and in my community service I have been instrumental in working with many people from different backgrounds and with many diverse stakeholders to achieve a common goal.
I have good people skills and the ability to listen to the issues and work as a team to find mutually satisfactory solutions for difficult problems.

Why do you want to run for the ACC board?
When we moved into this neighborhood at the end of 2020, we were met by many wonderful and kind people who were willing to help us even though we were total strangers at the time.
In the short time that we have been here we have seen an increase in the amount of discord and name calling that is not conducive of the type of community that I know we can become. I believe that this community is still full of wonderful people and I would like the opportunity to see if we can find some common ground and diminish the unhealthy rhetoric that has been going around.

What can you bring to the board?
As I indicated above, I have experience working with groups of people with differing agendas and goals that are not always compatible, yet still find ways to meet the goals and objectives of the organization.

What do you want to accomplish during your time on the board?
Bring community spirit and civility back into our community while persevering the unique character of our community by enforcing the CC&Rs.

Will you be able to do what is defined in the CC&Rs? Will you enforce the CC&Rs in accordance with the CC&Rs?
I believe the CC&Rs are the key to preserving the cultural integrity of our neighborhood as well as a mechanism to protect our property values. I will be able to do what is in the CC&Rs and I will enforce the CC&Rs in accordance with the CC&Rs.

Unsanctioned Election

Dixie Springs Architectural Control Committee, Inc., (“DSACC”) is a non-profit corporation organized according to the laws of the State of Utah. The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) for Dixie Springs were established by the original developer to maintain standards and property values. The CCRs authorize the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to approve architectural building plans for all new buildings and enforce the CCRs for existing buildings. The CCRs are a legally binding contract. Each lot owner signed a legally binding commitment to support the CCRs and therefore the ACC at the closing for their property. The DSACC has been functioning legally for many years.

Only the DSACC corporation can hold a sanctioned election for its board members. Any other attempt to hold an election outside the official DSACC election scheduled for 27 Feb 2024, has no legally binding effect on the DSACC corporation, its functions, the CCRs, or most importantly, lot owners.

The alternate September 23, 2023 election was an invalid attempt to circumvent the authorized ACC board member election being held 27 Feb 2024. Only the DS ACC can hold an election for its board members. Help re-establish proper civil discourse and actions through doing your civic duty to investigate candidates and vote for those who support the CCRs and the ACC on February 27.