The property at Abbe Springs Ranches is beautiful and diverse

Dixie Springs is surrounded by amazing beauty

Abbe Springs Ranches has rolling hills

Dixie Springs is adjacent to the Sand Hollow Reservoir


Dixie Springs is close to great places to hike and bike

Beautiful landscapes

Dixie Springs is close to amazing rock formations


Dixie Springs is near Zion National Park

Dixie Springs is a housing development in the red hills of southwest Utah in the town of Hurricane

The purpose of this web site is to provide information about Dixie Springs and the operation of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

  • Election

    The Election page has information about the 2023 ACC election.

  • Information

    The Information page provides information about how the community is governed and the role of the ACC. Look here for plat maps other documents.

  • Owners

    The Owners page contains information for current and prospective owners.

  • Builders

    The Builders page contains essential information required to build a house in Dixie Springs.