Dixie Springs is a beautiful community in southwest Utah

Abbe Springs Ranches has rolling hills

Dixie Springs is adjacent to the Sand Hollow Reservoir


Dixie Springs is close to great places to hike and bike

Beautiful landscapes

Dixie Springs is close to amazing rock formations


Dixie Springs is near Zion National Park

Dixie Springs is a housing development in the red hills of southwest Utah in the town of Hurricane

The purpose of this web site is to provide information about Dixie Springs and the operation of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

Dixie Springs ACC Transition Meeting

The ACC conducted the transition meeting on Tuesday, 19 March 2024. The documents that needed to be signed by all members of the board and volunteers to the board were sent ahead of time so everyone could review them. This is one reason there was time between the election and the transition meeting. One of the new members told the ACC the documents would be reviewed by an attorney. The ACC asked that the attorney tell the ACC of any concerns. The ACC did not receive anything from the attorney or the new member.

The signed documents were to be brought to the transition meeting and collected. Once that had been done, the meeting could proceed with the business of the ACC. The ACC had held a number of agenda items for this transition meeting so everyone in the new board could take part.

The two new board members did not provide the signed documents at the transition meeting. These documents are a confidentiality agreement and a code of conduct. The contents of these documents have standard verbiage commonly used by boards. Without those signed documents, the board could not conduct business with the new members and therefore adjourned the meeting.

After the meeting concluded, the two new members were asked to provide comments back to the ACC with any issues they have with the documents. The ACC is hoping that everyone can work together to build documents that are acceptable to everyone and everyone can be fully functional members of the board.

These agreements are needed to protect the members of the community and the board. While the ACC would like to make all their documents public, it is not possible. There are many documents that cannot be legally or ethically disclosed. When someone comes to the ACC with help with a neighbor, the ACC is morally obligated to keep that information private. Many of the legal documents cannot be disclosed either by court order or for confidentiality reasons. Therefore, the ACC must ensure the board members understand the confidentiality requirements and agree to abide by them. The code of conduct document requires that the ACC members conduct themselves with good faith, objectively, without bias, use sound judgment, and other sound practices.

The ACC is waiting for the comments and are hopeful we can work through any issues so the new board can move forward. With the election of the two new board members, the ACC has great hopes that these new members would help unite the community. We are hopeful that these two new members would help us find ways to better communicate with the community. Unfortunately, we cannot move forward until everyone on the board agrees to a set of confidentiality and code of conduct documents.

Informal Meeting to Discuss Confidentiality and Code of Conduct

The ACC legal committee held an informal meeting with the board to get any concerns about the two documents because the two new board members have not signed the two documents. AFter a long discussion, the two new board members agreed to provide a document from an attorney with any comments about the documents.

The attorney letters will be given to the ACC attoney for feedback when they are recived.

The ACC has agreed to meet in one month. Hopefully, by that time, the two new members will have signed the original or modified agreements.

Here is the Confidentiality Agreement

Here is the Code of Conduct


As of 12 Apr 2024, the two board members, Marilyn Brokopp and Chuck Brokopp, have resigned from the Dixie Springs ACC board. All of the legal committee and volunteers have resigned.

The board now consists of David Pellerin, Kelly Murie and Sheila Buchei.

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